Front Lace Wigs. The secret behind gorgeous Wigs.

Front Lace Wig

Front lace is the secret behind many celebrities ever-gorgeous array of wig hairstyles. The transparent mesh net typically used to knot the front of wigs to give wigs a realistic hairline; it is also possible to do an entire wig foundation constructed only of front lace. This type of wig foundation is typically expensive but worth the investment. The mesh comes in various thickness ranging from 15 to 40+ deniers. The transparent mesh lets your skin show through giving an appearance of all-over natural hair growth, even up close. Individual hairs a hand-tied onto the lace mesh so hair can move freely in any direction, just like real hair.

A wig made entirely with front lace foundation will cost considerably more than wigs constructed in combination with other net or lace materials such as terylene and caulnet. Front lace gives the most natural result as the hand-knotting needs to be exceptionally fine and gives the most convincing realism.

Front Lace Wigs. The secret behind gorgeous Wigs.

Terylene is a thicker net than the front lace; it usually used for the back and middle part of the wig foundation.



wig foundation


Caulnet is also another net used to make wig foundation. It is the most stretched out net. It is usually used in the crown area of the wig foundation. The holes are more spread out on this net than front lace.


Vertigo Luxury Full Lace Platinum Blonde Wig – 360 Frontal Lace 3

Goldea creates each full lace wig with front lace foundation and hand-selected, 100% virgin human hair of the highest quality. Perfectly aligned cuticles guarantee solid strands from top to bottom. Goldea hair looks extraordinarily healthy, has outstanding shine, uncanny light-reflection, and the softest feel. Only 1-2% of the world’s virgin hair meets these high standards.

Such high quality and craftsmanship not only ensure you stand-out from the crowd but allows for a long-lasting lifetime of individual looks.

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