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Flawless Hair

Goldea creates each full lace wig with hand-selected, 100% virgin or Remy human hair of the highest quality. Perfectly aligned cuticles guarantee solid strands from top to bottom. Goldea hair looks extraordinarily healthy, has outstanding shine, uncanny light-reflection, and the softest feel. Only 1-2% of the world’s virgin hair meets these high standards.

Such high quality and craftsmanship not only ensures you stand-out from the crowd but allows for a long-lasting lifetime of individual looks.


Craft & Artistry


High quality natural human hair is a precious material, just like gemstones, noble metals and fine fabrics. Therefore, hair of such rare flawlessness should be handled by skilled artisans.


Goldea wigs are crafted by some of the world’s most skilled specialists in wig-making. Working in the most renowned ateliers, these professionals with lifetimes of experience, weave single strands of hair to fine lace caps, producing pieces that stand the test of time and dazzle with their quality and inimitable beauty.


A Goldea full lace wig is hand-crafted and requires up to a month of specialized work.

Stunning Colour

The creation of a Goldea full lace human hair wig and its individual colour design is an artform. Davin Cunliffe is devoted to achieving the richest, most sophisticated juxtaposition of hair shades, creating multi-tonal wigs that reflect light in the most flattering ways.

Inspiration comes from the past and present, trips around the world and imaginary scenarios – all part of a lifestyle driven by Davin’s passion.

Looking almost paradoxically natural and striking, Goldea wigs bear the allure of hair coloured by the world’s most talented stylists.

Full, Seamless Lace

Goldea is committed to producing flawless wigs with the most comfortable fit. Our full-lace caps guarantee an almost imperceptible feel and look to our wigs, as well as unmatched comfort to the wearer.

Only the most luxurious wigs in the world are constructed from full-lace caps. Goldea artisans wouldn’t have its range made in any other way.


Ethics & Style


Goldea adheres to strict ethical guidelines never buying or trading hair from areas of conflict or human suffering. All Goldea pieces bear a Hallmark of quality, accountability, and provenance.


Hair is different for every woman and should be an individual statement. Goldea does not produce ready styled wigs but encourages clients to have their wig styled by their hairstylist of choice to suit their individual unique features and needs.

Our Range

Goldea embodies elegance, sophistication, and style. Our range of full lace wigs gives women the power to create bespoke hair statements with high-quality virgin or Remy human hair.  Goldea luxury human hair wigs are designed to suit different moments. From day-to-day to special occasions.


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