Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wig foundation are Goldea wigs?

 Goldea wigs have a front lace foundation. The transparent mesh lets your skin show through giving an appearance of all-over natural hair growth, even up close. Individual hairs a hand-tied onto the lace mesh so hair can move freely in any direction, just like real hair. 

What is the Goldea wig cap size?

All Goldea wigs have the average wig capsize a circumference of 22”. To measure your head, make sure your head is properly prepped. Hair should be out of the way, leaving the hairline clearly on the show. With the measuring tape, find the circumference of your head. You will want to start with the nape of your neck and end at your hairline. All Goldea wigs come with adjusting Wig Straps which usually solve any minor fit problems.

What type of hair is used on Goldea wigs?

Goldea creates each hand-tied wig using carefully sourced European Hair which is the best human hair to achieve a natural result. 100% virgin or Remy human hair of the highest quality. Perfectly aligned cuticles guarantee solid strands from top to bottom. Goldea hair looks extraordinarily healthy, has outstanding shine, uncanny light-reflection, and the softest feel.

What type of wigs is Goldea Wigs?

Goldea wigs are hand-tied wigs. Individual hair strands are hand-knotted onto an entire front lace wig cap foundation individually which allows the hair to move freely. There are no seams or wefts.

What is the weight of a Goldea wig?

The total weight of a Goldea wig is 180g vs regular wig weight 130g, so the wig is voluminous.

Can I dye my Goldea Wig?

Goldea wigs can be dyed because the hair is 100% European human hair of the highest quality. Perfectly aligned cuticles guarantee solid strands from top to bottom. Only 1-2% of the world’s virgin hair meets these high standards. Keep in mind it is easier to darken a wig than making it lighter except for natural black human hair wigs which can be dyed any colour.

Can I style my Goldea Wig?

Goldea wigs come un-styled, allowing for individual styling, and cutting. Goldea wigs can be heat-styled, braided, put in a ponytail, create a classy updo, or even wear it down. Goldea wigs give you the freedom to style your wig any way you please.

How do the wigs stay in place when worn?

Two options.


1)   Gel. we recommend the got2b gel by Schwarzkopf if you are looking for a gel to use on your wigs. This is a water resistant hair gel-glue that firmly holds your wig, during sports, swimming and every-day activities

2)  Our wigs have tightening bands. An additional band can be sewn onto your wig during the fitting, so you can wear your wig without the gel.


We recommend using the gel for special occasions, but daily, I use the band, allowing me to switch-up my styles.

Where is the Goldea Hair Company based?

Goldea is a UK based company. Our head-office is in London and a distribution centre is in Northampton. This ensures a rapid 1-2 day delivery service across our product range

Does the Goldea hair company have a maintenance package?

Maintenance package:

Our high quality wigs are designed to last a number of years, so no need to spend more on a maintenance package. You can wash and style as often as you like, as you would with any natural hair. We are always available to advise clients on wig maintenance and after care. We do not charge clients for this. More important is to build a long lasting & personal relationship across our client base.


Does the Goldea Hair company offer a wig fitting service?

Cut & Style service:

We do have a professional wig-stylist & hairdresser based in London. She cut, styled and fit all our models as you can see on our website. Click here to see an installation video.

She is available to travel to you in the comfort of your own home to fit, and style should you require her service.

Does the Goldea Hair Company offer a try-on service?

Due to current government COVID guidelines, we are unable to offer  an in-store appointments.  


We offer all UK residents a wig deliver free of charge for you to try on. Simply return or keep any item. No payment will be taken on any item returned to us within 14 days.


If you would like this try-before you buy option, simply order for the wigs using the Klarna check-out option. All UK deliveries arrive in 2-3 days. Please see our deliveries and returns policies for further detail.

What is Klarna

Klarna makes online shopping simple. Buy what you need today and pay later. Effortless, safe and fun.

Does your hair get warm wearing a Goldea wig?

Goldea Hair wigs do not warm the head; our wigs are one of the lightest on the market; each strand of hair is hand-tied into the fine lace cap, allowing the scalp to breathe. However, less expensive wigs tend to be heavier and therefore would cause your head to warm. This is because they are machine-made, with wefts and stitching causing additional weight.

Does the Goldea wig stay on?

Yes, there are bands within the wig cap to hold in place, ensuring a natural look. Just as you would style your own hair at a salon, your wig could be styled and installed professionally by most reputable salons.

Can the wigs be washed like your own hair?

Yes. Goldea Hair wigs are made from human hair, so can be washed as you would your own hair. Synthetic hair wigs lose their chemical treatment with washing and can mat and tangle. Goldea Hair wigs are not chemically treated as they use the finest human hair on the market.

How long do Goldea Wigs last?

Goldea Hair wigs last a lifetime. Less expensive wigs tend to last 3-6 months due to lower hair quality; thus washing or heat from tongs cause damage. Goldea Hair wigs, made from the most delicate human hair, can be washed and styled just like your own hair.

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