Luxury human hair wigs hand-made from rare, high-quality virgin human hair of perfectly aligned cuticles.

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Luxury Human Hair Wigs- How Davin Cunliffe developed her uniquely exquisite wig range, from passion to expertise.


Like many of the most coveted and acclaimed luxury brands in the world, Goldea was inspired by its founder’s personal passion. Designer Davin Cunliffe has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with changing the look of her hair. With the same ease of changing shoes, handbags or jewellery, wigs allowed her to embrace different styles and to transform herself look after look creatively. They then became Davin’s signature accessory.

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    Kylie Jenner Wig Transformation! 2

    Kylie Jenner Wig Transformation!

    Kylie Jenner Demonstrates the Transformative Power of a Good Wig! Kylie Jenner keeps her fans glued and engaged on her Instagram page because as we all know or in case you didn’t know the beauty mogul is continuously switching up her look using wigs. When it comes to her choice of wig hairstyles and colours,… Read more »

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    Human Hair

    Human Hair! What Is Real Human Hair? Don’t Be Misled!

    Don’t Be Misled By Industry Names. We have read many misleading articles about what human Hair is. And which Hair is best for your extensions, hairpieces, weaves and wigs? As a professional company with many years of extensive research and working directly with manufacturers, we are here to simplify your understanding of what is human… Read more »

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    What’s the difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig?

    Different types of wigs

    Which is better? Full Lace vs Lace Front? vs closure wig? Are you new to wigs? Or perhaps you are looking to buy wigs which offer unparalleled realism. This guide will provide with detailed information about the different wig features to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase.  Features: Wig Cap Construction, Versatility,… Read more »

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