Types of Wigs

Which is better? Full Lace vs Lace Front? vs closure wig?

Are you new to wigs? Or perhaps you are looking to buy wigs which offer unparalleled realism. This guide will provide with detailed information about the different wig features to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase. 

Features: Wig Cap Construction, Versatility, Durability, Styling and Affordability


What are the different Wig Caps Construction?

A full Lace hand-tied wig cap is the most luxurious wig cap available — the entire wig cap made from a soft invisible lace mesh material. Individual hair strands are hand-knotted into whole lace cap to achieve a supremely natural appearance. It takes around a month for an experienced artisan craftsmanship to complete one hand-tied wig.

Lace front wig – Generally on a lace front wig the lace trim extends across the entire front hairline from ear to ear about 2–3 inches. The hand-tied process (Individual hair strands hand-knotted) applied to this section of the wig cap. The rest of the wig cap consist of mechanical stitched hair or hair wefts tied to a transparent delicate mesh border. Only the top of the wig, hair can swivel freely in any direction, creating natural hair movement. The hand-constructed hairline hair can be parted and styled in any direction at hairline but not on the rest of the wig.

Closure wig- Closure wigs mainly have an illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp at the hair part. A small section usually temple-temple generally 1/8 inch to 1.5 inches of the front hairline is made from a delicate mesh fabric that allows scalp colour to show through and hand-tied fibres that enables the hair to part naturally.

Goldea creates each full lace wig with hand-selected, 100% virgin human hair of the highest quality. Perfectly aligned cuticles guarantee solid strands from top to bottom. Goldea hair looks extraordinarily healthy, has outstanding shine, uncanny light-reflection, and the softest feel. Only 1-2% of the world’s virgin hair meets these high standards.

Such high quality and craftsmanship not only ensures you stand-out from the crowd but allows for a long-lasting lifetime of individual looks.

Which type of wig offers is the most versatility?

  •  A full lace hand-tied wig offers the most styling flexibility and the realistic look possible when made with 100% human hair because it is entirely hand-tied, which gives the appearance of all-over natural hair growth. The individual strands are hand-knotted to the lace cap to look like individual hairs growing from the scalp. Just like follicular hairs, hand-tied hairs can swivel freely in every direction. The full lace wig doesn’t come with a defined parting to allow you to recreate parting anywhere you want.
  • Lace front wig – On a lace frontal wig individual strands of hair are hand-tied only at the lace trim of the wig hairline. The hand-tied hairs create the appearance of a completely natural hairline. The transparent mesh of a lace front hairline lets the skin show through. The rest of the wig has wefts or structural seams, therefore will not offer as much versatility as full lace hand-tied wig cap.
  • Closure wigs – Closure wigs don’t offer complete styling versatility because only small sections where the hair parts are made from a mesh lace fabric and hand-tied. The rest of the wig is mainly wefts or structural seams. 
Full Lace Wig
Full Lace Hand -tied Wig Cap
Closure Wig cap with Seams
Closure Wig Cap with seams

Can I put my wig into a ponytail?

  • Full lace hand-tied wigsYes! Because Individual hair strands are hand-knotted onto the entire lace cap just like the hair on your scalp, it’s easier to lift the hair and put up into a ponytail.
  • Lace front wig- Partly! The lace front hairline looks so realistic, and they are ideal for people who want to wear natural, pulled-back hairstyles. The lace front wig has wefts or seams which limits putting in a ponytail at the back sections of the hair.
  • Closure wig- No! Because a tiny section at the wig part is hand-knotted the rest of the wig is wefts or seams.

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Which type of wig is more affordable? 

Full lace hand-tied wigs cost considerably more than any other wig types. However full lace hand ties wigs offer unparalleled realism, interior comfort and versatility. A full lace hand-tied human hair wig is an investment for those wanting the highest possible degree of a natural-looking wig.

  • Lace front wigs are slightly more affordable than a full lace hand-tied wig. The benefit of a lace front wig is the entirely convincing hand constructed hairline but doesn’t offer the total realism and versatility of full lace hand-tied wig.
  • Closure wigs are  more affordable option than any other wigs but are quite limiting if you are looking for complete styling versatility.