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Our Story: from Catwalk to Sidewalk


How Davin Cunliffe developed her uniquely exquisite wig range, from passion to expertise.


Like many of the most coveted and acclaimed luxury brands in the world, Goldea Hair was inspired by its founder’s personal passion: designer Davin Cunliffe has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with changing the look of her hair. With the same ease of changing shoes, handbags or jewellery, wigs allowed her to embrace different styles and to creatively transform herself, look after look. They then became Davin’s signature accessory.

The three secrets to her drive to develop one of the world’s finest range of human hair, full lace wigs for women. First, Davin’s passion led her to embark upon a worldwide search for the highest quality, most luxurious human hair wigs she could find. Grade 8 and above, from remy to single-donor virgin hair for fully aligned cuticles for the most natural feel . Second, as a demanding client, her appreciation of detail turned her into a pioneer in the field, learning from the most experienced hair stylists and experts the most intricate details that define luxury wigs. Determined to create the best wigs in the world, she began to design and develop her own high-quality luxury wigs range, made from 100% natural human hair, handmade and tailored for extreme comfort. Third, the use of unusual and rare colours, inspired by nature such as bronze, amber, gold and platinum, combined for a multi-tonal, and totally unique hair colour and design.  The result of Davin’s passionate work is Goldea Hair’s range of high-end, hand-made women’s wigs. Perfect to create your own unique look, from subtle every-day glam to bold statements–or from catwalk to sidewalk.


Our Range

Goldea embodies values of elegance, sophistication and individual style, giving women the power to create bespoke hair statements with high-quality wigs designed to suit different moments, from day-to-day to special occasions.


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