Which is better full lace or lace front?

Which is better full lace or lace front?


Full lace or Front lace. A full lace wig is better than front lace wig. Here is why? Full Lace – visibly supremely natural appearance vs Front lace

Full Lace -Individual hair strands are hand-knotted onto the entire wig invisible lace mesh to achieve a supremely natural appearance.

Lace front – Individual hair strands are only hand-tied on the front hairline, so the rest of the wig has wefts.

Generally, both the full lace and lace front have a 360-frontal hairline, but the difference is the finishing on the rest of the wig cap. The full lace wig has no wefts because the entire wig is hand-knotted so you can quickly achieve different styles such as tying your hair in a ponytail.

Full lace wigs cost considerably more than lace fronts. However full lace wigs offer unparalleled realism, interior comfort and versatility in comparison to lace front wig. A full lace human hair wig is an investment for those wanting the highest possible degree of a natural-looking wig.

Lace front wigs are slightly more affordable than a full lace wig. The benefit of a lace front wig is the entirely convincing hand constructed hairline but doesn’t offer the total realism and versatility of full lace wig.

Goldea wigs are Full lace with 360 frontal Hairline. The wigs a visibly natural and come with baby hairs