How to put on a wig

How to put on a wig

How to put on a wig


Learning how to put on your wig correctly – secure it – will make you more confident while you wear your wig. There’s more than one way to put on and secure a wig; this guide will focus on the two best ways to ensure your wig is secure.

 Method 1: How to put on a wig using pins

How to Put on a wig



Pins are one of the most popular methods for securing a wig, causing minor damage when removing the wig. However, wig grips won’t rip out your hair, unlike other methods.

How to put on a wig; pins

The key to using pins is securing the key areas to hold the wig. These key areas are all around the edges of the hairline.

Step 1:  First, prepare the natural hair and secure a stocking onto your head similar to the wig’s colour.

Step 2: Next, Place the wig on your head.

Step 3: First, create a little gap in the hair. Pin the top of the wig first to stop it from sliding backwards by inserting two small wiggly or straight pins on either side so the two pins cross; make sure you grab the hair under the stocking and pin it under the prep you have done to get a good grip.

Step 4: Put the hair back so the dressing is back in place.

Step 5: Insert a pin near the temples on either side going upwards

Step 6: Next, lift hair and insert pins upwards close to the scalp on either side on top of the ears.

Step 7: At the back, grab the corner of the wig foundation and pull the pin downwards so it sticks out on the other side, then slide underneath the stocking going up.

Step 8:Repeat all around the nape until very secure; for extra security, you can add pins through the middle area of the wig.


Method 2: How to put on a wig using glue

How to Put on a wig 1Using wig glue is a highly secure method of securing your wig, but you could potentially rip out hairs when you remove it. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct application and remover to avoid damaging your natural hair.

You will need:

  • The glue
  • A small make-up/art brush 
  • A powder puff or dobber to dab glue on

How to put on a wig; glue

Before using any glue, always check if you have any allergies. Do a patch test 24-48 hrs before application. Place a tiny dot of the adhesive behind the ear. 

Step 1: Clean skin well so there are no traces of oil or grease, as it will stop the glue from sticking properly. Ensure you’re happy with the length of the lace coming onto the skin, use a fine pair of scissors to trim the lace if necessary.

Step 2:Lift the side of the lace and apply the glue to the skin. 

Step 3: Tack the glue with a finger until it gets stickier.

Step 4: Next, press the lace down, and use a powder puff or dobber to firmly adhere the glues to the lace, rolling it from side to side.

Step 5: Do that all around the lace.


How to remove a wig

To remove the glued lace securely, you need the remover that works with glue and some cotton wool.

Step 1: Pour some remover on a piece of cotton well

Step 2: Press it gently on the glued lace area. Go over it a couple of times, so it soaks it properly.

Step 3: The glue will start to dissolve, and the lace will lift

Step 4: Rub the cotton wool with remover directly on the skin to remove any residue until the skin is clear.

Step 5: Remove all pins out of the wig and stocking.