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What’s the difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig?

First Difference: The Wig Cap

I just want a natural-looking wig so I can switch up my style from straight to curly and back again. I  want to wear my hair in a ponytail, or go blonde one day, brunette the next. How do I choose between a full lace wig or a lace front wig to allow me to rock any style? Take a peek here at luxury Full Lace Wigs

First: you’ve got to get the right cap. The cap is not visible, so why should I care? It matters much more than you’d imagine. For that natural wig, as worn by those A-listers, it’s not just about the best hair; it’s about choosing the best cap.

This guide gives you the pros and cons of the two most popular wig caps on the market, so you can decide which is right for you.

Full lace Cap — hand-made

A full lace wig is where the whole cap is largely made from lace. These wigs are made by individually tying each strand of hair into the wig cap by

hand. An artisan wig maker can take 60-100 hours per wig. This explains the much greater price tag for a full lace wig.

Example of Full Lace Wig

Max style, comfort, and natural-looking

Lace Frontal Cap — machine-made

In contrast, lace front wigs tend to be machine-made, mass-produced and so much more affordable. A lace frontal has just the front of the wig cap in lace. The rest of the cap is a more cloth-like material, much thicker than

the fine lace of a full lace cap. This thicker material allows a machine to sew the hair strands in wefts on to this material.

Lace Frontal WigLace Front Wig close-up

Advantages of Full lace vs Lace frontal wigs?

More natural feel:

Hand-tied lace wigs feel like your own head of hair. They are so discrete your partner or anyone can run their hands through your hair and they would never know you’re wearing a wig. No stitches; no cloth; just a fine lace covering the head.

However, there are advantages to a lace frontal. Thanks to the heavier cloth, this can add more volume; but unfortunately more heat and less comfort.

Lace Front Cap

Heavier & weft

Most natural look & greater style versatility:

Hand-tied full lace wigs look awesome, and far more natural than front lace wigs. Each hair strand hangs in the way your own hair does, from the scalp. The number one advantage of full lace wigs is the greater style versatility. They can be styled like natural hair. Partings anywhere, a twist out, side braids, a ponytail—-all not a problem. This is not the case with a lace front wig. The wefts in a lace front wig can restrict styling. Partings, therefore, cannot be anywhere you like. A ponytail is not the most natural look with a lace front. A lace front does not have lace at the back, limiting your ability to wear your hair up. Critically, you have far greater style-ability versatility and flexibility with a full lace wig, for that more natural look vs the weft-look of a lace front wig should some-one run their hands through your Maine.

Lace Front Wig problems

Lace Front: Do not let them run their hands through your hair!


For those with a sensitive scalp, such as cancer patients undergoing chemo, or thinning hair, the full lace wig is much lighter, more breathable. For further scalp care advice, see Taking care of your scalp

The thousands of tiny holes in the lace mesh cap allow the scalp to breathe and is much lighter as the hair is hand-knotted, instead of a machine stitching the hair onto the heavier, less breathable cloth. Hand-tied wigs full lace wigs stretch more freely over the head, meaning greater comfort. A lace front wig has does not stretch in the same way, due to the heavier material. A lace front cap could therefore sometime feel as if it’s squeezing your head, despite correct sizing. Machine-made lace front wigs are constructed using thick caps; this is great for a volume and lift effect, but can irritate a sensitive scalp. which create the appearance of more lift and volume to the hair.

What’s the difference between a full lace wig and a lace front wig?

Full Lace Cap: Comfort



 Both types of wigs are great and natural-looking, but full lace feels, looks and styles the most natural of all.

Lace front wigs provide a realistic look with the appearance of hair growing from the hairline. Their machine made mass production means you get a great look for less. The cons are a heavier, less comfortable wig with more limited style versatility due to the wefts and seams.

A full lace wig is hand-made, significantly more expensive, but offers greater style versatility and comfort.

Full lace wigs are most natural, even close up. No wefts, no seems, just hand-tied hair means you can run your hand through your hair and not know it is a wig.


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