Top Tips to choose the most natural looking wig

Full Lace human hair wig

How to buy the most natural looking wig

Three key questions.

How to buy a wig that looks natural

This guide is how to buy a wig with a natural look. Whether you want to switch-up your style from a blonde wig to a bronzed brunette or ombre wig and slay your wig like a star.

Or whether you suffer from thinning hair, or undergoing chemotherapy, this guide is designed to help you chose the right women’s wig for you to ensure the most natural look and greatest comfort.

Three key Questions you need to ask

Let’s get the money thing out of the way. Like with the hottest handbag or pair of sassy shoes, you usually get what you pay for. We want to help you chose the right women’s wig; the price can vary from $300 to $3000 or more, so its critically key to know the facts to help you secure the most awesome wig to help you be your best you. Live your best life.

1) What’s the best quality human hair I can buy: Virgin hair, Remy hair or non-remy human hair?

2) Does the inside or the cap of the wig matter? You cannot see it, so why does the cap choice matter? Choosing the wrong cap is the most common mistake to all those new to buying wigs. You would not buy a Ferrari with a Ford engine inside. It’s the same with wigs.

3) Which type of wigs feels and looks the most natural.

Best hair type?

Do you want to know the best quality hair for the most luxurious wig?

Best wig cap?

Full lace wig or lace front? All you need to know.

Most natural feel?

Which human hair wig looks & feels most natural?