The most natural looking wig

Which wig looks and feels the most natural?

Full-Lace with Virgin hair: here's why

light brown human hair wig for women
  • Chose Remy or Virgin human hair. If you chose synthetic or plain old 100% human hair, you risk buying a wig which requires a lot of care, uses a lot of chemicals to process the wig and therefore can tangle, matt and become less natural looking over time.
  • The best Remy hair and 100% virgin hair are collected from a single donor. As a result all the hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction it grew, for the most natural look possible. Both hair types are soft, shiny and smooth without the need for chemical processes.
  • A full lace cap wig is more natural than a lace frontal wig. Both types of wig are great and natural looking.
  • Lace front wigs provide a realistic look with the appearance of hair growing from the hairline. Their machine made mass production means you get a great look for less.
  • Lace front wigs are heavier, less comfortable wigs with more limited style versatility due to the wefts and seams.
  • A full lace wigs is hand-made, significantly more expensive, but offers greater style versatility and comfort.
  • In conclusion a Remy, or 100% virgin hair, full-lace wig is likely to offer the most life-like and natural looking head of hair on the market.