What’s the good quality human hair/wigs you can buy?

Human hair wig
100% human hair wigs need chemical treatment
100% human hair requires chemical processing
Virgin human hair wig
Beautiful curled virgin hair wig

What’s the best quality human hair you can buy?

Step-by-step guide

This step-buy-step guide should help you pick the right hair for the most natural looking wig. 

All human hair is definitely not equal.  Whether for a full lace or lace front wig or for a weave, the hair choice is key. 

Those A-listers, go-getters and jet-setters choose 100% Virgin hair, the most pure, rare and expensive type of human hair. The cost can top $3000 for some celebrity wigs. 

On the other hand, the most popular, most worn and most affordable hair-type is 100% human hair.  In this simple guide, we explain the key, critical differences between the three hair-types, 100% virgin hair, Remy Hair and 100% human hair. 

So whether you want to get that designer-wardrobe look of the stars, or simply get that every-day chic, be sure to chose the right hair for you.


100% Human Hair

This is by far the most popular choice, with great affordability. 100% human hair is sourced from several different people’s hair. This means the hair cuticles for each hair strand faces a different direction. Try combing through this!

To avoid such problems, the hair is chemically treated to remove the entire cuticle in a process know as an acid-bath. That’s the equivalent of about 10 consecutive relaxers. Max relax.

The hair is dipped in silicone to bring out the shine and to cover up any un-aligned cuticles that were not removed in the acid bath. When new, all is great! The non-Remy, 100% human hair appears silky-smooth, shiny and full of radiance.

However, when used, non-Remy hair can be difficult to manage. After a few washes, the shampoo removes the silicone protective layer. The hair becomes duller, brittle and can tangle easily, causing hours of endless flat-ironing or frustration.

Despite the more affordable price tag, such hair lasts just 6-12 months so you’d have to buy more hair more often. In contrast, 100% virgin hair or Remy hair can last 3-5 years or longer. 


Remy Hair vs 100% Virgin Hair

The best Remy hair and 100% virgin hair are collected from a single donor. As a result all the hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction it grew, for the most natural look possible. Both hair types are soft, shiny and smooth without the need for chemical processes.

Both hair types offer the finest level of craftsmanship and the best quality of human hair. Remy and 100% virgin hair are almost identical at this point. A ladies human hair wig from either hair-type should last 3-5 years or more and remain as stunning as your own hair, wash after wash.

So what’s the difference? Its largely down to colour. Virgin hair is Remy hair, without any hair dye. If you add a multi-tonal colour, such as platinum blonde highlights  that turns pure virgin hair into Remy hair.

Pure, 100% virgin hair retains its own natural colour; no designer colours are added. In short  Virgin hair is completely natural human, non-coloured hair. 

Now you’ve chosen your hair type, its time to chose the type of wig cap. Just what is the difference between a full-lace wig and a frontal wig?